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ProtoPenny - Penny Auction System Home Premium Edition

ProtoPenny - Penny Auction System Home Premium Edition

ProtoPenny is specifically designed to emulate entertainment shopping industry, and not like others who only do is to clone one another, or even worse to mistake a fun-loving entertainment over a boring office-cubicle-looking design.

———————-Start of Spotlight Features—————
Full-Featured Penny Auction System (bid and / or buy it now)
Auction Methods (Seat, Free)
Auction Formats (Penny, 2cent. 6cent, 10sec, 15sec, 20sec, NailBiter, Beginner, Open)
Buyers can pay with Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, AlertPay, iKobo, PayFast, MoneyBookers,
Complete Skin Engine (easy-to-redesign your site directly from admin panel)
Complete Help System
Complete Newsletter System
Complete Credit System
Complete User Score System
Complete User Referral/Affiliate System
Complete Invite/Promo Code System
Complete API System to let any sites cross-interface with yours
Tmatics System (a.k.a. BidButlers, AutoBids, AutoBots, etc)
Twitter Integration
RSS Feed
Intelligent Search Engine
AdSense Integration Integration
Linked Partners Page System
SMS Integration (allows bidding by mobile text-messages)
External Linking System
300+ various user and admin toggles for the swift and easy usage and administration
———————-End of Spotlight Features———————-

NOTE: this is the only script that runs on less powerful servers as its written from ground up to avoid over-bloating the database tables!
It's a very compact and lightning-fast script!
No other penny auction script can beat its speed!
Because, they are over-bloated and over-loading data all the time which in turn cannot run on less powerful servers which most people can afford.

———————-Server and Software Requirements———————-

1. Linux OS, Apache Server, MySql Database, PHP Language
2. Apache Server 2.2.15 or better
3. PHP 5.2.4 or better
4. Server API Apache 2 Handler (CGI/FCGI is a bad idea!)
5. Latest ImageMagick
6. Latest GD Library
7. Latest EXPAT Library
8. Latest OpenSSL
9. MCRYPT Library (libmcrypt v.2.4 or better)
10. mod_rewrite module loaded
11. Apache Web Server (running on a Windows Server is a bad idea!)
12. Directory: (files/) should be set to 777 chmod
13. Directory: (ia_dump/) should be set to 777 chmod
14. If you want to run credit/debit cards processor then you must have a merchant account with LinkPoint EFT Service (apply now!)

(nothing else unless otherwise instructed at later times)

NOTE: Certain restrictions, to support and updates, are applied.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice and they go up only, the price you see may never be seen again, thus waiting for a better day is pointless.

Check out ProtoPenny Blog for more info!

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