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My Site Investment Versus Income Tracker

My Site Investment Versus Income Tracker is an admin feature of Nash OS that allows you (site admin) to compare any money that you invested into your site against any money you have earned from your site. This is a great solution for those who like to be in the know of whats going on with the site fiscally wise.

NOTA BENE: This is a place where you can track all the site expenses you went thru with building and maintaining the site. Title is the name of the investment, description is the additional information about an investment, my investment is the actual money value that was spent, date is the date and time of the investment taken effect (must be in this format: 2019-09-01 15:30:00), order is the row order for viewing all the investment rows (good for sorting your investments by importance).

NOTA BENE: The Income is based on payments made to the admin through the system. If you receive a payment outside of system (ex. a check or a money order or a bank transfer) you adjust a members balance manually which is taken by the system as a payment too and included in the income calculation as well.

My Site Investment Versus Income Tracker1
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