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Welcome to Nash OS Manuals

Introduction to Nash OS

Multi-Channel Selling


Buyers & Sellers

Co-Seller System
Co-Seller System can be enabled via admin panel and once enabled, a seller will be able to pick co-seller(s) for his own items. What does a co-seller mean anyway and in what situation it can benefit a regular seller? A co-seller is another user that can be trusted and allowed to assist in selling items for the master seller. A co-seller can bid on his master-sellers items as a buyer and also can halt/release auction time while bidding on item. This is especially important for the Real Estate auctions that happen to be offline and online at the same time. For example: a seller places a house on offline and online auction at the same time. A co-seller sits in front of computer with his master-seller on the phone with him. The master seller tells his co-seller that the house received a bid from offline buyer. The co-seller clicks to open the same house auction on your site and places the bid amount he heard from the master seller on the phone. This way, the master seller can be selling his house in 2 different places at the same time but not avoiding paying you admin fees for the posted/sold items. You ask who will actually pay for the admin fees? The master-seller will pay you the admin fees. The co-seller is only a selling assistant for the master-seller and nothing more. The master-seller decides who will be his co-seller(s) via Members Area Co-Sellers view. NOTA BENE: If your site is not intended to utilize offline auctions, you wont need to enable this feature.



Feedback Rating System
Feedback Rating System is a long-standing feature that has evolved from a nash mod (prior to Nash OS development) into a full fledge mega monster size system within Nash OS architecture. There are numerous features within Feedback Rating System, such as feedback forums, community360, sort items by sellers ratings, star ratings, feedback importer from other sites, rating levels, ratings in listings, seller and buer ratings, ratings scroller in listings, selling and buying to certain levels of ratings only, commenting on sellers and buyers, reporting false accusations in ratings, following up to ratings for sellers and buyers, recommendations about what needs to be improved by seller and buyer to gain better ratings, the whole entire feedback ratings systems is fully controlled by admin which includes revising, removing, posting and etc. Also sellers can report unpaid items to auto-rate buyers if no solution found to solve an unpaid item issue, clockwise for buyers to report items sold by sellers not as described and auto-refund the items as long as they are shipped back with a proof by shipping service provider and auto-rate sellers when an issue has not been resolved. On top of it all, an admin (also known as the site administration) can be involved to prevent prolonged bickering between buyers and sellers on the same issue of either unpaid item or a received item not as described. This is super system within Nash OS and has multiple views and in admin as well as in members area. NOTA BENE: There are various optional fee-based features of this system that can be used to charge members for the use of them.

Themes for your website

UX & Navigation

Slideshow System
Slideshow System is a set of features of Nash OS and once enabled from admin panel, it will take over the Homepage Announcements area (Prime Space). Choosing a skin that does not accommodate the slideshow by its design will not display the slideshow. At least 2 slides make up the show that is why it is called a slideshow, so keep at least 2 slides unhidden for each skin while you have the slideshow enabled. Designing a slide too wide will effectively stretch your site skin too wide. To fix that either make the slides width fit the width of your site skins (you can use photoshop or any image editor that lets you resize your slides without distorting them) or use css rule such as overflow:hidden to hide any extra pixels of the slides width, so the site skins wont become corrupted by the slides width. If you would like to design your own HTML instead of images for slides, then you can switch each slide into HTML mode by clicking on Yes option in the HTML column below, otherwise leave it at No. Since this feature is optional, you can only use it on an already added and available slide, in other words please upload a slide first and only then switch over to HTML mode if thats your original intention. Remember to learn about HTML and how to write it before using this feature and be very careful with CSS, as you maybe charged by Nash to fixing any html/css code produced by you. Remember that any lines of code you left unclosed and incomplete, can break your site or even worse can make it gone. You just have to double-check your code before clicking on Commit & Submit buttons. Recently, Slideshow System has received few extra cool features, such as ability for admin to change location for each slide - in other words, not only homepage can receive a slideshow but also community360, stores, and categories pages. And of course you can run a different slideshow with a different skin which is real useful when the skin changer is enabled  on your site.

Desktop Apps

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