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Barcode System

Barcode System can be enabled via admin panel and once enabled, sellers are able to use ISBN, UPC, MPN, ASIN barcodes during SYI process. The usage is done by typing barcode(s) into assigned fields and tapping on barcode buttons, once barcodes are found in online databases then the description (pictures too in some instances) are automatically auto-inserted into item description field. Also the Barcode System is a category-based feature to specifically isolate online databases that contain description and pictures for each barcodes type.

NOTA BENE: In order to use the ISBN barcodes, you must have the Books category on your site. The UPC/MPN barcodes should never be applied to books category nor anything related to books as the books arent applicable to UPC/MPN barcodes and use the ISBN codes instead, thus assign ISBN to books-related categories, and assign UPC/MPN to anything other than books. Enabling UPC/MPN unlocks ASIN option, which can be useful with assigning items to via Multi-Channel Selling.



Barcode System1
Barcode System2
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