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Buy-Sell-Ad-Space System

Buy-Sell-Ad-Space System can be enabled via admin panel and once enabled, the sellers who want to sell advertising spots/spaces on their websites, will be able to offer them for sale, by providing their domain name url during the SYI process and the system will be able to gather special data about their domain, such as Google PageRank, Alexa Popularity Rank, Domain Age, Domain IP, Number of Backlinks, whether its listed in DMOZ and Yahoo, and etc. Basically, all important data that lets the buyers make a right decision on whether to bid/buy an Ad-Space for their Banners to be posted or not. Also, mentioned data is included in the item listings through out the entire site. This feature is only good for those who run Ad-Space business, if you arent running such business then do not enable this feature.

Also, the buyers who want to bid/buy advertising spots/spaces on sellers website, will be able to upload files in order to place bids or buy outright any advertising spot/space. It is imperative that buyers do upload their banners before bidding/buying, and attach them to their bids/buys at the time of bidding or buying, to allow the seller approve/reject the chosen by buyer banner when he sees them fit or unfit into the nature of his website (just imagine this problem when a seller cannot accept/reject a porn banner that won or bought his advertising spot/space on his baby-milk-formula website).

Buy-Sell-Ad-Space System1
Buy-Sell-Ad-Space System2
Buy-Sell-Ad-Space System3
Buy-Sell-Ad-Space System4
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