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Member Banner System

Member Banner System is a constellation of features of Nash OS for eCommerce and allows admin to sell banner space to members for their advertising purposes. And as for members they can pick and choose any space their budget can meet to place their ads. If a member is in a rush to post his banner then Nash OS includes a banner builder so a member may quickly generate one or more banners and to place their banner on your site.

This feature optionally offers ability for the site admin to charge members for banner space on the site.

Like it is mentioned above it is a constellation of features which means that main feature includes several layers of other required sub-features such as banner sizes, banner zones, naming banners, grouping banners, google analytics code banners or simple picture banners with links, banner packages, banner campaigns, analytics with clicks and views, banner previers, banner builder, purchased views or clicks, unused views and clicks, credit rollover from one campaign to another, live and ended banner list, banner discounts, and etc.

Keep in mind, this feature is extremely sophisticated and requires deep understanding, therefore it is available in our Nash OS Crash Course 4 Day Online Classes and if you do not have time to learn it on your own then you are most welcome to take this class.

Member Banner System1
Member Banner System2
Member Banner System3
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