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MyFolders System

Nash OS carries a very nice feature that may easily become one of sellers favorite places inside the Members Area. 

MyFolders allow sellers to organize their products into folders.

First, a seller creates a folder or folders (as many as their wish to), then put each product they have into a folder they created.

The ways putting a product into a folder are:

(1) during a SYI process
(2) within MyFolders view

MyFolders will organize products (items, auctions, etc) by providing easier access, view, revising, and/or relisting.

NOTA BENE: In order to use MyFolders, you must have at least one folder with items assigned to.

MyFolders System1
MyFolders System2
MyFolders System3
MyFolders System4
MyFolders System5
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