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Power Buyer System

Power Buyer System is a feature of Nash OS and enables admin to calculate who is the most buying member on his site and display that as a level of achievement. There are several levels in this feature, such as titanium, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze levels. They all depend on how much money a buyer spends on the site. Also there is a very important ingredient in order to calculate the most buying member is his minimum percent of feedbacks, in other words, it is not that a buyer buys a lot but also his ratings received from sellers are high as well, for example, if he buys and returns items all the time, then sellers will sure reflect on such behavior by rating him low. So, good ratings received from sellers are also used to calculate whether it is a power buyer or not.

In admin panel, admin of the site can specify how much money per month a buyer needs to spend in order to reach next level or stay on the same level, as well as what minimum percentage of feedback is required from buyer.

Power Buyer System1
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