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Pre-Approved Bidders System

Pre-Approved Bidders System is a feature of Nash OS and available to sellers via members area.

Sellers can create their own pre-approved bidder list for any item and only allow those on their list to bid. Only pre-approved bidders will be allowed to bid. Sellers list can include any bidder who is registered. A bidder who is not on sellers list will be asked to contact his seller by email. Once the bidder has been pre-approved and added to sellers list, the bidder will be able to place a bid.

Please use this feature cautiously as it may limit the number of bids on any item.

How does a seller add this feature to his items?

Once seller adds at least 1 user to the sellers list, this feature becomes unlocked during SYI and RYI processes, which will allow seller to mark an item hes selling to accept bids from pre-approved bidders list only. Also a small icon appears next to his item title to signify the item that is for pre-approved bidders only.

Pre-Approved Bidders System1
Pre-Approved Bidders System2
Pre-Approved Bidders System3
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