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Search By Custom Fields

Search By Custom Fields is a feature of Nash OS for eCommerce and allows users or members or visitors do a search on live items by their custom fields. What are custom fields in an item? Those are the additional details about an item that can be generally described by a seller. Custom field(s) can be anything such as size, color, gender, model, type, make, capacity, and other hundreds of variations of an item that can be generally assigned to be searched. Nash OS allows for admin to set up any number of custom fields to any sort of categories. As you can see that custom fields are not item based but rather category based feature, as result of it, site admin creates and sets up custom fields to chosen categories, and when sellers go through SYI process, they select a category for their item and category based custom fields are then loaded into the view for sellers to fill out as needed. Once an item with custom fields have been posted by seller, then anyone will be able to find that item when they search it using custom fields option. Please see below screenshots for more detailed information on the subject.

Search By Custom Fields1
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