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Search Engine Sitemap Builders

Nash OS comes with multiple sitemap builders (admin-manageable sitemap builder, manual sitemap builder, automatic sitemap builder).

What is a sitemap?

In the world of search engines, a sitemap is a super helper that allows SE spiders to go directly to pages listed on a sitemap instead of scanning a given site for links to pages and taking away memory, resources, or even be blocked by some server anti-ddos technology.

NOTA BENE: Automatic search engine sitemap builder is the same as the manual search engine sitemap builder, except that it enables Nash OS to do the work for you automatically, by building the sitemap.xml file first and then auto-notifying a number of search engines (,,, that accept auto-notifications in general. This feature needs you to setup a cron job for this file (cron/cron_smb.php) in your servers cpanel.

Search Engine Sitemap Builders1
Search Engine Sitemap Builders2
Search Engine Sitemap Builders3
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