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Second Chance Offer

Second Chance Offer is a feature of Nash OS for eCommerce and allows bidders to receive second chance offers from their sellers to buy out an item that they lost their bid. In other words, lets picture a situation when a winner (a.k.a. highest bidder) pays for the item and receives after seller has shipped the item to him, but once he sees the item he decides that he does not want it any longer for various reasons (legit or not, does not really matter in this scenario), thus he returns the item in the original form, shape, and shipping package. The sellers sees that the item is in original condition and refunds the winner his money back. But there a few bidders who also wanted the same item but lost their bids to the winner. Using this feature, the seller can simply send a message via members area by offering a second chance offer, which means that he is okay to sell it to the lost bidder (in descending order, or from top to bottom order, highest lost bid to lowest lost bid), and if the bidder is cool with it then he can go ahead and make a payment for the item cost plus shipping (and yes a new invoice is generated upon buyer,s accepting a second chance offer). That is purdy much it! Nice and easy way to always make a sale!

Second Chance Offer1
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