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Shipping Calculator

Shipping Calculator is a feature of Nash OS for eCommerce and allows a seller avoid incorrect shipping charges such as overcharging a buyer (then a buyer will feel cheated) or undercharge a buyer (then a seller will be shorthanded). During SYI process a seller elects to use a shipping calculator option and fills out all required fields such as weight, dimensions, size, service provider, and etc. Once thats done the shipping calculation becomes possible for a buyer use it during check out. 

NOTA BENE: since shipping and handling may not be needed for certain type of items - such as real estate or digital delivery or service or anything else, then this feature is made possible on category-based approach, in other words, if you are admin of a site then navigate to admin panel > edit categories view and set categories of your choice to use shipping and handling feature.

Shipping Calculator1
Shipping Calculator2
Shipping Calculator3
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