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Blogs & Vlogs

Blogs & Vlogs is a feature of Community-360 in Nash OS, which allows members have their own blogs with a multitude of awesome features that define the magic of Community-360.

Hold on to your seats as it has the following:

Any member can have as many blogs as he wishes to.

The blogs have all the general features for blogs as we know it plus few additional ones in order to customize each blog so they dont look alike to one another. See below screenshot for more details.

All blogs are also controlled by admin from admin panel such as admin can switch authors at any time when it is needed by admin or requested by blog authors.

All blog articles have a permalink for general SEO purpose.

Every blog is connected to members items on your site as well as every item is connected to members blog likewise, see below screenshot for more details.


Blogs & Vlogs1
Blogs & Vlogs2
Blogs & Vlogs3
Blogs & Vlogs4
Blogs & Vlogs5
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