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eBayCatracker is a desktop application that comes with Nash OS and allows you to grab/track categories on ebay.

Simply download the app from your admin panel, then install it on your desktop computer, and open it (right click to run it as administrator as it requires windows os to save generated files on your desktop), then click on GO button to start the process of grabbing all categories and saving them to your desktop. There will be 2 files generated. One is in text format easy to read it by human and another file is in SQL format ready to be uploaded to your category database table on your server. Basically, this app allows you to quickly match all the cats of your site to the cats from ebay. This should be done before your site goes live, in other words when you purchased Nash OS and it is fully installed on your server then you can proceed to matching all the cats first and then proceed with toggling on or off the rest of the features in admin panel.

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