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Member ID Verification

Member ID Verification (or IDV for shorter) is a long-standing feature that has evolved from a nash mod (prior to Nash OS development) into a full fledge mega monster size system within Nash OS architecture.

There are numerous features within Member ID Verification system, such as IDV by mail, by phone, by payment, as well as sellers can either accept Non-IDV buyers or IDV-only buyers or both, Also IDV and Non-IDV icons for sellers and buyers, also IDV Check List for members to easy see how far they are until they become fully ID verified by your site. And sure things, as an admin you can pick and choose who to send your IDV-related newsletters either to IDV, Non-IDV, both types of members. What about an IDV fee that your site may require from your members? You bet! Nash OS has covered that as well. IDV fee can be via payment gateway, bank, mail, check, etc. What about separate IDV fees for international and domestic users? Yes you can set them separately too. What about pending IDV members? Yes!!! You can have them as well as send them newsletters from admin panel. Can you require a photo-id with IDV process? YES!! Everything you can imaging that is legal is already implemented in Nash OS!

Member ID Verification1
Member ID Verification2
Member ID Verification3
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