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MyNotifications System

MyNotifications System is a feature of Nash OS and it comes with an ability for admin to send out super-short messages to anyone and/or everyone. Once a message sent then a user will see it as a bell notification on the homepage (a-la youtube, google, facebook, or insert your own name here - practically every most or less respectable site has such systems designed and implemented).

NOTA BENE: Please, keep in mind that this is a very short message notification system (maximum 250 characters) which means if you have to send a message that is bigger than that (such as an HTML-designed message, newsletter, or email) then please use other systems such as NewsLetters, MyMessages, News, and many others that Nash OS provides in plenty.

NOTA BENE: Once enabled, it will display as a small bell icon in Centerpiece/Spring/Autumn skins only.

MyNotifications System1
MyNotifications System2
MyNotifications System3
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