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MySQL Logger

MySQL Logger is a feature of Nash OS and only available in admin panel. The feature is made possible to accommodate various needs on checking the MySQL Query processes as well as see which query takes longer and address it by optimizing the database tables where the query is shown to run. For example if an auction query shows that it takes a considerably long time then as admin of the site you can run an optimization cron job (aslo in admin panel of Nash OS) to optimize database tables to speed up overall processing time for the query in question. This is a pure technical feature to assist you in running the Nash OS and your server in concert.

NOTA BENE: MySQL Query Logger will let you look under the hood of Nash OS to watch how your database being queried.

NOTA BENE: Disable it if your database does not support it. Verify with your host if the installed version of server supports ERROR_LOG ability.

NOTA BENE: The query log gets deleted automatically when its too big for the system to handle.

MySQL Logger1
MySQL Logger2
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