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Skin Changer

Skin Changer feature is set in admin panel for users to be able to change your site skins. There is a dropdown that holds a set of skins for users to change at any time or from any webpage.

You, as admin of your site, can include or exclude any skin from the dropdown that members can use. By including a skin into a skin changer you tell your users that they are okay to go ahead and use a different skin if they want to. There is a minimum of 2 skins in the set of skins that make this feature also enabled. If you set one skin and then enable the skin changer, the skin changer wont be visible to users due to having less than 2 skins included into the skin changer. Please use some common sense when you have to.

The sites default skin that is set via admin in site setup view is also the default skin in the skin changer dropdown that users see. Your sites default skin cannot be removed from the skin changer due to the fact that your users must always be able to return to it after using the skin changer. Once again, choosing a single skin or no skin will also disable the skin changer.

Skin Changer1
Skin Changer2
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