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Slideshow System

Slideshow System is a set of features of Nash OS and once enabled from admin panel, it will take over the Homepage Announcements area (Prime Space).

Choosing a skin that does not accommodate the slideshow by its design will not display the slideshow.

At least 2 slides make up the show that is why it is called a slideshow, so keep at least 2 slides unhidden for each skin while you have the slideshow enabled.

Designing a slide too wide will effectively stretch your site skin too wide. To fix that either make the slides width fit the width of your site skins (you can use photoshop or any image editor that lets you resize your slides without distorting them) or use css rule such as overflow:hidden to hide any extra pixels of the slides width, so the site skins wont become corrupted by the slides width.

If you would like to design your own HTML instead of images for slides, then you can switch each slide into HTML mode by clicking on Yes option in the HTML column below, otherwise leave it at No. Since this feature is optional, you can only use it on an already added and available slide, in other words please upload a slide first and only then switch over to HTML mode if thats your original intention.

Remember to learn about HTML and how to write it before using this feature and be very careful with CSS, as you maybe charged by Nash to fixing any html/css code produced by you. Remember that any lines of code you left unclosed and incomplete, can break your site or even worse can make it gone. You just have to double-check your code before clicking on Commit & Submit buttons.

Recently, Slideshow System has received few extra cool features, such as ability for admin to change location for each slide - in other words, not only homepage can receive a slideshow but also community360, stores, and categories pages. And of course you can run a different slideshow with a different skin which is real useful when the skin changer is enabled  on your site.

Slideshow System1
Slideshow System2
Slideshow System3
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