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TinyMCE Editor Integration

TinyMCE HTML Editor Integration is an awesome feature as it allows you to use one of the best HTML editors in the world.

It is fully integrated through out the Nash OS where HTML editor is appropriate to be integrated.

This feature comes with multiple addons that are made by Nash Team, such as switching over to plain text fields or back to HTML fields, as well as predefined text dropdowns that you can select to appear inside the HTML fields instantly.

There is a full control of HTML Editor via admin panel, where you can manage the features that HTML editor will include and show to users of your site.

NOTA BENE: Custom set is shown to a user! The Admin will still use a full set of buttons no matter what selection you made below.

NOTA BENE: There is a limit of 3 button rows per editor. So changing to the row field to anything above 3 will automatically set it to 3.

NOTA BENE: Some features may have no preview-icons but will display in the actual editor window on the user-end.

TinyMCE Editor Integration1
TinyMCE Editor Integration2
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