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Email Que System

Email Que System is an admin panel feature of Nash OS that allows admin send out newsletters in a que fashion which means a batch of emails send out once every minute or every five minutes or once an hour or whatever the time cycle you set for them to be sent out by Nash OS. Keep in mind that having emails send out in batches removes a problem with servers that only allow for certain number of emails to be send by a website that is hosted on that server. Yes, believe it or not, but there still are hosts who do in fact limit newsletters to a certain number per hour emailed to their site members :(

Nevertheless, this feature helps to keep emailing newsletters without resending to the same users, because if you had no such feature then the newsletters would only be sent to first batch of emails before the hosting provider would block the rest of the emails and next time when you re-run same newsletter then the rest of the users would never see it as only first batch would go through. Ergo sending emails in shorter batches allows to send to all users eventually.

This is a very massive feature as you can see from the screenshots. There is a filtering process during which you fine tune everything before starting the newsletter sending process.

This feature comes with an auto-text sub-feature, which allows each email refer to each recipient by his username or by his full name.

Email Que System1
Email Que System2
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