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Classified Ads System I (Stand-Alone)

Classified Ads System I (Stand-Alone) is a major set of features in Nash OS for eCommerce and literally self-explanatory as it allows to have your site only as classifieds site only without the items nor auctions. Keep in mind that there is also another version of classifieds in Nash OS that mixes and mingles classifieds with items and auctions.

Once this feature enabled, the classifieds will have their own classifieds browser, which is independent from auction browser. Also, Once enabled, the classifieds format option in SYI process will become unavailable to making sure 2 classifieds versions dont create a major confusion among Members.

Both classifieds versions have benefits and drawbacks and that is why we make them to be never enabled at the same time.

It is totally up to you to decide which classifieds version suites your needs best. But always remember: if this version is enabled then the other version is automatically disabled and all listings with the other version are disabled as well. Also you are allowed to disable both classifieds version but not to enable both.

Classified Ads System I (Stand-Alone)1
Classified Ads System I (Stand-Alone)2
Classified Ads System I (Stand-Alone)3
Classified Ads System I (Stand-Alone)4
Classified Ads System I (Stand-Alone)5
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