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Co-Seller System

Co-Seller System can be enabled via admin panel and once enabled, a seller will be able to pick co-seller(s) for his own items.

What does a co-seller mean anyway and in what situation it can benefit a regular seller?

A co-seller is another user that can be trusted and allowed to assist in selling items for the master seller. A co-seller can bid on his master-sellers items as a buyer and also can halt/release auction time while bidding on item. This is especially important for the Real Estate auctions that happen to be offline and online at the same time. For example: a seller places a house on offline and online auction at the same time. A co-seller sits in front of computer with his master-seller on the phone with him. The master seller tells his co-seller that the house received a bid from offline buyer. The co-seller clicks to open the same house auction on your site and places the bid amount he heard from the master seller on the phone. This way, the master seller can be selling his house in 2 different places at the same time but not avoiding paying you admin fees for the posted/sold items. You ask who will actually pay for the admin fees? The master-seller will pay you the admin fees. The co-seller is only a selling assistant for the master-seller and nothing more. The master-seller decides who will be his co-seller(s) via Members Area Co-Sellers view.

NOTA BENE: If your site is not intended to utilize offline auctions, you wont need to enable this feature.

Co-Seller System1
Co-Seller System2
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