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Team System

Team System can be enabled via admin panel and once enabled, sellers are able to assemble a team of members to help with listing sellers items. Any member of a team will have a limited access to main sellers account. Only sellers SYI process is accessible by a team member. Seller is able to see which team member has accessed main sellers account and when, as well as overall performance of a team member such as how many items and which items he or she listed for the seller. This feature allows sellers to employ other members of the NashOS-based website in order to speed up the posting of the sellers large inventory.

Admin of the website controls whether this feature is enabled or disabled as well as allows to manage the members of any team for any seller on the website.

Members (which can be both selling and buying or either just selling not buying or buying not selling) of the website can add any number of teams with any number of team members as well as can join any number of teams.

In other words, a member can employ other members to help posting his or her products or the same member can join a team from another member to help posting that members product or vice versa.

Team System1
Team System2
Team System3
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