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What is Community-360 System?

Community-360 is a system within Nash OS and specifically built for members to congregate in a social environment on your website. Instead of going 3rd-party places the members can do the same natively and alot more as Community-360 seamlessly integrates posted products by members and allow them to expand overall visibility as well as reach new potential shoppers.

Community-360 System includes every aspect of a social life that one may look for, such as forums, subforums, private and public groups, clubs, chats, polls, photo galleries, private messaging, blogs and vlogs, product articles, questions and answers, as well as promotions for items that being sold by posters in forums and etc. There is a complete full fledge SEO functionality that runs 24/7 by pinging various search engines to notify about new posts, photos, attachments, threads, permalinks. arcade rooms, and etc.

There is no better social platform on the web these days that allow not just to socialize among members of your site but also push items that being sold on shoppers to get a better ROI literally 24/7 around the clock and to minimize the churn rate (also known as attrition rate) that other 3rd-party social platforms are well known for.

What is Community-360 System?1
What is Community-360 System?2
What is Community-360 System?3
What is Community-360 System?4
What is Community-360 System?5
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