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Anti-Virus System

Anti-Virus System of Nash OS is available from admin panel only. This feature allows to find any file that is inconsistent with the latest Nash OS. This feature only works correctly with latest Nash OS, therefore if you do not have latest Nash OS then you should ask to upgrade your site first via ticket in Nash Developer Central. If you doubt about any file then leave it alone as there could be false positives after scan.

Steps to prepare Anti-Virus System in Nash OS:

Step 1: Verify your Nash OS Version against latest Nash OS Version.

Step 2: Grab up-to-date Nash OS Anti-Virus Signature.

Step 3: Begin Scan Now.

Once done, you are ready to browse through all files that do not match authentic Nash OS files.

If you see anything bizarre in the list of files then you are free to delete such file(s).

Anti-Virus System1
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