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Category and Auction Password Protection

Category and Auction Password Protection is a feature of Nash OS and available via admin panel, once enabled you as admin of your site can stop access to any category to anyone who does not know a password to view and browse that category, or to view and browse that category including items within that category.

Why would you as admin of your site need to have such feature? The answer is purdy much as simple as it gets, since your site can be visited by people from various countries, then apparently some countries do have their own laws and legal regulations towards certain items as result of that you can simply block access to categories and its items that fall out of such laws and legal regulations.

You can have as many categories set to use any password, in other words there could be separate passwords for different categories.

Custom text feature within Category and Auction Password Protection allows you to write different reasons to why password protection is in place. Visitors can see your custom text before they login to that category or categories. The text is in the HTML format therefore you can design your custom text as well.

Category and Auction Password Protection1
Category and Auction Password Protection2
Category and Auction Password Protection3
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